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Operating in non-ferrous metals trade since 2006, Mineria Metal carries out the trading of commodities featured on London Metal Exchange (LME). Our company supplies the raw material needs of domestic and international industrial enterprises with a complete and uninterrupted service approach via our professional and experienced team.

Aluminum Ingot PurityAs the Turkish agent for Gerald Group, which has an important global position in metal trade, Mineria Metal takes its strength from Gerald’s almost 60 years of experience in the sector to support unparalleled customer satisfaction. Mineria Metal raises its quality standard to the top level in a range of functions offered to its customers such as service, logistics, risk management, financing, and product diversity. Gerald Group and Mineria Metal fulfill metal needs around the world with 18 offices serving 40 countries on 5 continents worldwide. Our team tracks developments in global markets instantaneously, shares current information with our business partners, and exchanges projections about future market trends with our customers.

Mineria Metal and the Gerald Group have created a global network for the trade of raw materials and metals. We have a supply chain that includes manufacturers from around the world, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs for raw materials such as Aluminum Ingot, Aluminum Billet, and Copper Cathode. Since we keep supply stocks in various regions worldwide, as well as in Turkish ports and warehouses, our company is able to offer diverse, flexible and swift solutions to our customers.

In line with the sector’s needs and constant fluctuations, we have an extensive supply of raw materials available to meet the demands of our customers, whether it’s a short-term contract or a long-term one.

Our company’s ability to produce solutions to common problems that may arise in the supply phase happen as a result of our solution-first approach and understanding of the importance of one-on-one communication with the customer. This focus on problem-solving and reliable delivery has been our most distinctive feature and is one of the most important factors that sets us apart from our competitors.

Mineria Metal continues to invest in our country through project financing, direct investment, purchase and long-term contracts, not only in metal trading but in mining as well. We work hard to be the “Reliable Business Partner” companies look for.


Aluminum Ingot
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We continue to serve industrial companies as "Your Reliable Source"

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